At LeoKraft, we are a team of hardcore software engineers, with more than two decades of experience. We are passionate about the advanced technological developments in the field of AI and IoT and are eagerly implementing the latest possibilities in our solutions.
We started LeoKraft (in 2019) because, during our stint at various software organizations, we found that a large number of enterprises are struggling with implementing advanced technologies in their operations. And we wanted to help them with their IT infrastructure through our expertise in Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, AI and Data Analytics, while freeing a big chunk of their time and capital to focus on their products and services.
Currently, LeoKraft develops, deploys, and maintains advanced software products for such enterprises.
We have own products in the pipeline, about which we’ll keep you posted.


Pulokesh Goswami
Pulokesh Goswami
Pulokesh comes with 20+ years of solid engineering and leadership background, creating and leading innovative software solutions.

His vision for LeoKraft is to build a team that uses the latest digital technologies to create innovative and seamless solutions for clients.

Manish Jaiswal
Manish Jaiswal
Manish is a Chartered Accountant who is training leo to become finance expert. yes! Leo is our ML agent.

His vision is to create sustainable business model for digital work environment which helps people to achieve their dreams.

Puneet Srivastava
Puneet Srivastava
Puneet, an alumni of IIT Roorkee, is our principal architect. He has a strong sense for engineering new ideas. He teams up with aspirants, trains them to excel in their areas of expertise.

He aims at making robust IT systems solutions to attract the highest level of user interest.