The demand for quality tech talent is currently at its peak since more and more organizations have evolved in virtue of pushing the boundaries of innovation. Newer opportunities in the tech sector like software development, data analysis and UX/UI designing are in high demand while the talent pool is still lagging behind in terms of number.

Technical recruitment is the process of hiring the talent pool with the skills to be able to drive innovation and growth in the tech companies. It generally includes hiring for roles such as software developer, IT professional, computer science professional, data scientist, engineer, and many more.

The following are the key advantages in the life of a technical recruitment professional:

1. Job satisfaction and fulfilment The most fulfilling part of our job is not simply the pay check, it’s actually an emotion of having the special power to help people. As a recruitment professional, we are responsible for landing them with a life-changing golden opportunity or may be their dream jobs.

A recruitment consultant helps people to grasp a better job with a deserving package and a convenient
location – but there’s an emotional service attached also. As we know what a crucial role any job, business or industry plays on anyone’s quality of life and for the wellbeing. Do you still think this job ain’t functionally and emotionally fulfilling?

2. Money Recruitment is one of those jobs where you actually get significantly rewarded for just doing what you love. Along with the respective base salary, you are also entitled to receive commissions for filling vacant positions in every department in the organization.

The job tends to offer some sort of stability because even if you have a bad month with no placements or commissions, you still come down to basic salary being credited to the bank account. So, if you put commissions on top of that, the sky’s the limit in terms of your potential earnings.

3. Every day as a new challenge I can definitely tell you this much that in recruitment, you tend to learn something new every single day. It’s never a dull or boring experience!

Working as a tech recruiter, every day calls for interaction with people and dealing with their problems
reasonably. It’s the epitome of people’s business as they tend to share their confidential details along with all highs and lows of their professional journeys.

The people, most of the time, turn out to be quite unpredictable as they are driven by their emotions. Their decisions may change at the last moment with their thoughts, their feelings, and their expectations which overall make them take interesting and exciting decisions.

So, what are some of the cons of working as a tech recruiter?

1. Handling rejection One of the first cons is accepting and delegating rejection to the applicants as part of the job. While at times when the seeker gets the offer, they may still reject it at the end moment which could be for a number of reasons that are fully outside of your control.

This rejection can be a really frustrating part of the job because you had already put in a lot of trouble
to get a seeker to this point. Hence, these situations call for you to be tone-motivated and compassionate
and self-driven to succeed from the point where you missed to close the offer this time.

2. Working hours Sometimes the work for a recruitment manager may call for long, tedious hours of availability. Occasionally, that can become a bit draining to answer tone-motivated calls and share feedback to the candidates transparently on-time.

3. Control As the recruiter, you’re the middle-man between the seeker and the prospective employer. There are definitely a lot of things that can go wrong during the recruitment process. Being the ground between both parties can be time- consuming and comes with a high degree of professionalism and responsibility.


Here are three things you have to be in order to succeed as a good recruitment consultant:

1. Become a people’s person, a confidante: You need to be able to find a mutual connection with all types of people, in regards to age, ethnicity, people belonging to different personal and professional backgrounds as all of your day’s interactions are with people, all day long.

2. Recruitment as a ‘Salesy’ job: You are not only selling job opportunities to people but a brand along with you. Of course, it is a sales job but in a different context because you’re not selling an object.

You need to master overtime in selling an opportunity to someone regardless of whether they are actively searching for a job, passively or not at all. You need to be able to engage with them and behold their attention and which comes down to trust and building a rapport with people.

3. Become a tough nut to crack: You need to be able to take rejection on the chin. You need to be strong mentally and be able to constantly look forward and not back your decision through professional and ethical reasoning.

Well, this one is a hard one for me as I am a really a faint-hearted recruiter, but I’m definitely on it!!